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Wow, I've hit over 1000 page views.
Thank you all! We hope your appreciation will continue growing in time.
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Hi all, I know it's been ages since I've updated this journal and I should probably fill you in on where I've been. I wasn't dead, just busy. Very busy.
OH da this journal is made of fail and shall be baleeted anyway.

This week new Work

> Hi ! Hello, my name is Pein, i from bologna(italy).

> I am totally new to deviantART.

> I have some experience in PHOTOSHOP, JAVA, C4D , MAYA,PHOTOMATIX, ADOBE.

>I am a graphic designer :)

> I'm looking for meetups of people with similar interests as mine, be it grafics, gaming, cinemas, girl, music, anything...

I want to meet new people and possibly new friends:D

> Good day all ! ciao!